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Hotel closes-- Thus. 10-14-99  was the last day  for the Hotel to do business. On Friday 10-22-99 the Hotel was demolished as a crowd looked on in tears. God rest the hotel.

"The vegetable stand", These words  describe the hotel. Unfortunately due to progress the hotel has been torn down and replaced by a Post Office (this is progress?) This page has been started by the friends of the Hotel. also known as the Vegetable Stand Crew. Kate Horn Fish originated the term "Vegetable Stand". Van Etten is situated in a valley surrounded by wooded hills, Van Etten is one of the best places in the world to party, etc., but now that the Hotel is gone there are a bunch of lost souls in the area.

The following are official Members of the
Vegetable Stand Hall of Fame

Dough Lesh,Chuck Alderman, Jim Lampila, Blackie,Henry Zerkel Louie Deneke, Geraldine, Walt Cator, Cliff Decker,Willie Parks,Bunn DeSisti,John Charles, Chet Austin Bill Woodberrie,Gail St Pierre,Reynor Thompson,Rat Davis, Smiley Davis,Doris Fish,Zeke Campbell,Mary Strong, Milt Shoemaker, Chris Grap John Waltermier, Don Fedock, Tina Zell, Buck Bradley, Denny Lindblad, John Lindblad, Stan Jayne, Big John, Larry Hine, Fred Swayze, Jerry Donahue, George Brown. Kevin & Joanne Murray, Gail Tompkins, Tommy Tompkins, Chris Leyman,Bonnie Dunaway, Mert Shoemaker, Meg Johnson, Brad Grover,Little Cindy Lou Who,Claude and Debbie,Jon E.,Jim Hall, Shirlene Shoemaker, Frank,. Gloria ,Randy,Trudi K., SUE, Sharon Roberts, Steve"Erkel" Eaton,Joe" Joe Bananas"and Kathy Cundy, Ronda Cuervo, EJ, Jessy & Jacque, Paul Murtha, BLT, Jerry Thornton,   J. W.,Diane Salmi,Sherri Johnson,Alex Koski, Doug Grover,Frank ,Aaron Shoemaker,Pete Thornton,"DUKE" (the dog),Scoop ,Ned Brooks,Nick Staviski, Doug Lesh, Darryl Lesh, Dick Lesh, Tom McAnn, Linda"RED"Pollog, Tommy Macinerny,Bob Warner, Steve Chaffee John and Lois Saxman, John,Mike and Charlie Sundquist,Teri Rienemann Sam & Bev Lindblad, Olen Strong,Bobby Campbell , Keith Collins, Michael & Joshua Peters, Joanie Shoemaker, Tina Moilanen, cousin Carol, Debbie McNeil,Matt Leman,Dave"BoBo"Bowen, Mike Tillotson, John[Dobie] Gillis, George{sweet Georgia} Brown, Jim Gillis, Dana King, Rick "Old Grand Dad" Bailey, Jilly

to make nominations to the Hall of Fame or general questions Email us at this

Doug Lesh & the Skillet Lickers in concert
Van Etten is centrally located in the southern tier of New York. Routes 34,and 224 intersect through Van Etten. Route 96 is 3 miles to the east and route17 is 14 miles to the south. There are approximately 600 people living in the village and 1,500 in the township. Van Etten is a predominantly rural residential community serving as home for a commuting work force. click here for area maps

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Skillet Lickers

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